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The new Terra Range is a sustainable fertiliser solution for farmers 


Target Fertilisers are committed to the future of agriculture in Ireland through fertiliser and sustainable fertiliser usage. We are constantly looking at methods of maximising production through environmentally friendly and efficient uses of fertiliser. As a result, we have worked alongside Brandon Bioscience to develop a new range of sustainable fertiliser products.  The Terra Range by Target Fertilisers includes a biostimulant, PSI® 362.

The biostimulant, PSI® 362, is an extract from brown seaweed and it stimulates the nitrate transponders in the plant to take up more of the available nitrogen in the soil than they would normally do. The extra nitrates taken up are converted into amino acids which produce more chlorophyll and therefore more photosynthesis takes place. This means we get similar biomass levels produced even with 25% less N as well as seeing higher dry matter levels in the crop afterwards.

With the challenges facing Irish agriculture, the new Terra Range from Target Fertilisers is a sustainable fertiliser solution for Irish farmers.

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