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About Us 


Target Fertilisers was founded in 1998 by Walter Furlong Snr, John Grennan and Kevin Cooney, and is a family run business. We have three manufacturing facilities in Ireland; Rath, Co. Offaly, Caim, Co. Wexford and our largest facility at Belview Port, Co. Waterford. 

Target Fertilisers are proud to be a leading wholesaler in Ireland, offering high quality fertilisers designed to optimise production to meet the demands of today’s farmers and growers. Our goal is to help customers achieve high yields and quality outputs through our use of fertilisers, while also working with our wholesalers and customers to develop specialist blends to suit specific requirements. 

We have an extensive range of high quality fertiliser products with over 160 blends and compounds available. All our fertilisers are granular and meet strict quality controls on chemical analysis, moisture content, granule size, hardness and density.

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