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Introducing Target Max, Protected by Limus®, the most effective urease inhibitor


At Target Fertilisers, promoting sustainable fertiliser use is of utmost importance to us. As a result, we have worked with BASF to bring our range of Protected Urea, Target Max, to the Irish Market to complement our existing portfolio of fertiliser products.

Outstanding performance thanks to Limus®  


The Target Max fertiliser range is protected by Limus®, a unique urease inhibitor that contains two active ingredients, NBPT and NPPT*. This enables it to bind to a wider variety of urease enzymes, compared to a standard urease inhibitor, therefore more effectively protecting the urea from ammonia volatilisation.

Limus® protects Urea-based fertilisers, minimising Nitrogen(N) losses from volatilisation by ensuring optimal N is available for your crop. BASF have utilised their formulation expertise to ensure excellent product and storage stability.

Limus® has an outstanding biological performance due to the dual combination of NBPT and NPPT active ingredients, along with excellent storage stability thanks to BASF’s patented polymer formulation technology.

Limus®  – Your Benefits

Tried and tested globally since its market introduction in 2015, Limus® brings a wide range of benefits to farmers and growers.

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Incorporating Target Max into your fertiliser programme 


The Target Max range easily incorporates into your existing fertiliser programme, allowing for greater flexibility and a more efficient use of resources.

Application of Protected Urea should be made in conjunction with your soil analysis results. To ensure accurate spreading and to achieve best results from your fertiliser, it is essential to have a well-maintained spreader and the correct spreader settings. A simple tray test will help you fine tune your spreader settings.

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For more information about Target Max, Protected by Limus®, download our brochure below.