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Richard O’Beirne is running a herd of pedigree Limousines & commercial heifers on 120 acres in Tuam, Co. Galway. For Richard achieving good live weight gain is key.
Target Fertilisers uniquely balanced NPK+S compounds formulated to suit the nutrient status of his soils, secures high quality fodder for his high preforming stock.

Target Fertilisers launch #ThatsMyTarget campaign

At Target Fertilisers, we are committed to helping farmers strive for the best they can within their own farm gate. This extends to setting individual goals and targets for their own individual enterprise. Our campaign #ThatsMyTarget encourages...

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Use of CAN (27%) and Urea (46%) for Early Grass Production

When deciding whether to use a Urea or CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) product, multiple factors should be taken into consideration such as economic, climatic and environmental. Nationally, CAN sales are five times the volume of Urea sales with national Urea sales in...

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Nitrogen Application for Early Grass Production

It’s that time of the year again and farmers are wondering what fertilisers to apply to ensure early grass growth and try to take full advantage of the favourable weather and ground conditions presently. The passing of the date restriction under the Nitrate...

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