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Richard O’Beirne is running a herd of pedigree Limousins & commercial heifers on 120 acres in Tuam, Co. Galway. For Richard achieving good live weight gain is key.
Target Fertilisers uniquely balanced NPK+S compounds formulated to suit the nutrient status of his soils, secures high quality fodder for his high performing stock.

Soil Sampling: Best Practices

There are significant economic gains to be made by having soil at the correct level for pH, P and K, as you optimise the efficiency of all nutrients therefore maximising growth rates for whatever crop you wish to grow. Teagasc research shows that by simply correcting...

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Efficient use of Chemical Fertiliser

Sustainability is a word that has become commonly used and maybe even over-complicated in farming. But what does it mean? According to Teagasc sustainable farming is a farming approach that can be sustained for the foreseeable future. It is a way of farming that will...

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Nutrient Management – What is it and why should we do it?

Sustainability, a topic widely spoken about in today’s farming community. With derogation guidelines and spreading constraints, nutrient management is a tool that can be easily utilised by all farmers to aid in maximising the output of their land in a sustainable way....

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