Welcome to Target Fertilisers

Target Fertilisers are proud to be a leading wholesaler of quality grass and tillage fertilisers in Ireland, designed to optimise production to meet the demands of today’s farmers and growers. Our goal is to help customers achieve high yields and quality outputs through our use of fertilisers, while also working with our wholesalers and customers to develop specialist blends to suit specific requirements.

Introducing A Sustainable Fertiliser – Terra Range 


At Target Fertilisers, promoting sustainable fertiliser use is of utmost importance to us. As a result, we have worked with Brandon Bioscience to bring our new Terra Range of fertilisers, treated with the bio stimulant PSI® 362, to the Irish market to complement our goal of making sustainable farming practices the norm.


Soil Sampling: Prepare for Spring 2024

  With 213 different soil types in Ireland, farmers must remain attuned to fertility levels which can, in several instances, vary from field to field. As tillage farmers prepare for Spring 2024, all are required to undertake compulsory soil testing, as set out in the...

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Nitrates derogation and potential outcomes

As of January 1st, 2024, Irish derogation farmers will be permitted to use 220kg of organic nitrogen per hectare, a reduction from the current limit of 250kg/ha. This was confirmed to Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue on September 6th following a meeting...

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Carbon Farming: Part of a more progressive future

Carbon Farming, which has been identified by the European Commission as a key element within an enhanced EU commitment to Regenerative Farming, forms part of a wider suite of measures which aims to restore ecosystems and biodiversity. The release of carbon dioxide,...

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