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Richard O’Beirne is running a herd of pedigree Limousines & commercial heifers on 120 acres in Tuam, Co. Galway. For Richard achieving good live weight gain is key.
Target Fertilisers uniquely balanced NPK+S compounds formulated to suit the nutrient status of his soils, secures high quality fodder for his high preforming stock.

Mid-Season Grass Management

With the middle of the grazing season fast approaching, farmers should now aim to maximise grass growth during the long summer days of July.   Post grazing application Grass growth rates have steadily increased in the last number of weeks and it is an ideal...

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Fertiliser options for second cut silage

When determining a slurry and fertiliser regime for second cut remember you must know your offtakes or silage crop requirement. It is best to get your advice from your local advisor if you are not sure of this. Benefits of Adding Sulphur To meet the silage crop NPK...

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Slurry Evaluation for Second Cut Silage

This year, first cut silage has been harvested early especially on ungrazed fields which are giving very good yields. Good weather and very little rainfall have allowed an adequate wilting time of more than 24 hours for grass after mowing. This will inevitably mean...

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