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Richard O’Beirne is running a herd of pedigree Limousines & commercial heifers on 120 acres in Tuam, Co. Galway. For Richard achieving good live weight gain is key.
Target Fertilisers uniquely balanced NPK+S compounds formulated to suit the nutrient status of his soils, secures high quality fodder for his high preforming stock.

Slurry and Fertiliser for Silage

Following on from the growing problems associated with 2018, great care and attention must be paid to your silage programme. Your most important crop for Winter 2019 is your first cut silage in terms of quantity and quality. You may also need to build your silage...

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NPK Application for Grazing

Following good weather in February, March started with heavy rainfall and heavy ground conditions in most areas of the country resulting in animals that were out part time needing to be rehoused with the associated costs. This was disappointing given the...

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NPK Application on Tillage Crops

After a significantly mild autumn, where winter crops were sown in ideal conditions and through a relatively kind winter, most crops are appearing well visually. However, in recent days it can be seen that some crops are turning pale green to yellow in colour, which...

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