Richard O’Beirne is farming 120 acres in Kilconly, Tuam, Co. Galway. Richard is a well-known, successful cattle breeder, running a herd of pedigree Limousines and a herd of commercial heifers for finishing.

For Richard, the benefit of using Target Fertilisers is due to the accurate spread and excellent yields. It is important for Richard to maintain a good return on fodder following the use of fertiliser and he feels that using Target Fertilisers helps him achieve this. “I continuously have a good fodder yield from using Target Fertilisers, therefore having an excellent return on my investment”

Richard uses a local contractor to spread his fertiliser, which allows him to focus on grass growth and yield as well as achieving good live weight gains on his finishing stock. “Timing is key” for Richard and, ensuring that his fertiliser is on the land in time benefits the yields.

The challenge this year for Richard is to ensure that he has adequate fodder for his herd, and more importantly, that it is of high quality for high preforming stock and finishing stock. Following a difficult year of mixed weather conditions, Richard’s target is to have enough fodder to bring his herd through a potentially long winter, should it emulate the previous winter.

For 2019, Richard’s target is “excellent yield and good return on fodder, That’s My Target”