Micheal Horan is milking 130 cows across 250 acres in Golden, Co. Tipperary, with his wife Mary and two young children. Micheal’s father ran a dairy and beef enterprise, as did Micheal when he inherited the farm, moving the enterprise completely to dairying, building a new parlour and increasing his cow numbers in 2009.

Micheal’s herd is predominantly Friesian, using sexed semen on his heifers, which he has found very successful. “The heifers seem to hold better than cows when it comes to the sexed semen.”

For Micheal, he feels that Target Fertiliser is “the best fertiliser I’ve used, and simply the best on the market.” The yields are consistent, and the grass quality is always excellent. Micheal also feels the customer service is high with reps available to answer any of his questions.

Although Micheal doesn’t measure grass, he walks his farm very regularly and knows what covers he has on the land. This year, due to the drought, Micheal has had some fields that struggled to get going; “I took out 50 acres for silage in May and it really struggled to come back with no rain as we are in a very dry area.” Like many farms, Micheal is slightly off target for grass growth this year but, fortunately, Micheal’s grass has began to recover and with some rain has started to thrive again.

For 2019, Micheal’s target is “High yield and quality, That’s My Target.”