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Farmers across the country are working to reduce nitrogen use on farm in order to preserve water quality and reduce emissions. However, concerns remain regarding limited N allowances that will impact grass yields. For consistent growth with less fertiliser, we must maximise the efficiency of the N that is applied.

The Terra range of fertilisers by Target Fertilisers maximises nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). The fertiliser is coated with the DAFM/EU approved biostimulant, PSI®362 Precision Technology. PSI®362 improves nitrogen use efficiency and allows farmers to maintain consistent yields across the season while reducing N by 25%.

For farmers who are looking to maximise grass growth (grazing and silage) from here to year end with less N, the Terra range provides the reassurance of consistent grass growth while meeting allowance limits. The Terra range is suitable for both grazing and second cut silage.

How does PSI®362 Precision Technology work?

PSI®362 stimulates both nitrogen (N) uptake, transportation and usage in the plant. When the PSI®362 biostimulant is applied at the same time as your N fertiliser, it helps the nitrate receptors in the root of the plant take up more of the available N in the soil. It also helps increase the nitrate content in the plant tissue to enhance grass growth and yield.

PSI®362 is expertly coated onto the NPK granule for seamless application on farm. Target Fertilisers have reformulated the nitrogen content to cater for the inclusion of the biostimulant so that farmers can apply their fertiliser rates as normal. Speak to your Area Sales Manager or your local Co-Op Superstores about the Terra Range of Fertilisers.

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