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James Maloney of Enterprise Ireland_Centre_ presenting Paddy Casey of “Target Fertilisers” and Oliver Kiernan of “Brandon Bioscience” with Innovation Arena Awards this week.

(L-R) Paddy Casey, Account Manager at Target Fertilisers, James Moloney, Senior Regional Development Executive at Enterprise Ireland and Oliver Kiernan, CEO Brandon Bioscience.

The Target Fertilisers team were delighted to be part of the recent Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Award, which recognised the positive advancements being made in inorganic fertilisers. Through a partnership with Tralee based biotechnology company, Brandon Bioscience, we are introducing a new fertiliser solution to help farmers decrease their total Nitrogen (N) use, while maintaining high crop outputs. The award was received by Brandon Bioscience for their PSI® 362 product, which is used in our latest sustainable fertiliser range,The Terra Range.’

Target Fertilisers and Brandon Bioscience

We partnered with Brandon Bioscience to provide a futuristic and sustainable growing solution powered by nature and proven by science. The output and technology that has been developed and incorporated into the new Terra range is proving to achieve tangible results in the field.

The partnership has facilitated trialing, developing and bringing the Terra products to the market, driven by the significant challenges facing farmers over the coming years.

CAP reform, derogation and indeed climate change are all going to be major influencers within the agricultural industry. The result of ongoing work between Target Fertilisers and Brandon Bioscience is a product that can aid in reducing N application.


What is PSI® 362?

PSI® 362 is a bio-stimulant that uses specific marine extracts from the seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum that enhances the biological processes within the plant. In production, Target Fertilisers granular coat all their Terra range of products with PSI® 362. It acts at root level to stimulate specific N receptors. This increases nitrate levels in the plant which subsequently delivers higher crop yields. This is the reason why Terra products with lower nitrogen content, will give similar crop yields to traditional products. The Terra range of products enhances Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and can be used to deliver environmental requirements for farmers set out by The Climate Action Plan 2021.


The Sustainable Fertiliser- Terra Range

The Terra range includes three products:

  • TerraCAN + S (22N + 4S + 4Mg)
  • Terra 15 + S (15N – 4P – 12K – 3S – 2Mg)
  • TerraCUT + S (20N – 2P – 12K + 2S)

These products have been introduced to the market to provide customers with a solution to decrease their total N use, while maintaining high crop outputs. Typically, these products will allow for up to 25% reduction in N use, while providing the same yield due to increased N uptake and efficiency. The availability of options within the Terra range containing P and K provides a solution to a variety of crop needs.

The Terra products will benefit the whole agricultural sector by using 25% less N while retaining the efficacy and crop performance that farmers need to achieve results. This is a win/win for farmers, as the Terra products will furthermore help them in adhering to new regulations from Ag Climatise and EU Farm to Fork initiatives which both have the aim of reducing N usage.

We are delighted to work in partnership and see Brandon Bioscience get the recognition they deserve for their research and development in this area of the Irish Agricultural Industry and hope this award will increase the speed at which the technology will be adopted at farm level.


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