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The Terra Range of fertilisers – a collaboration between Target Fertilisers and Brandon Bioscience – has been developed as a proven, reliable alternative to untreated, inorganic nitrogen fertiliser.

The creation of the Terra Range represents an innovative, research-led response to the revised environmental commitments that Irish farmers have to abide by, taking both the immediate and long term into account.

In our previous three blogs, we charted the development of the Terra Range, which features PSI®362 Precision Technology, a seaweed-based biostimulant which optimises Nitrogen (N) uptake and utilisation within the plant.

The efficacy of PSI®362 was detailed in new research published in January by the Journal of Applied Phycology which examined the effect of Brandon Bioscience’s  Precision Technology on reducing nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and nitrate (NO-3) leaching.

The fourth peer-reviewed paper on PSI ®362 Precision Technology was authored by Patrick Quille at Munster Technological University, in partnership with Dr Shane O’Connell (Brandon Bioscience Head of Research) along with Prof Joanna Kacprzyk and Prof Carl Ng of University College Dublin.

To demonstrate the impact of PSI®362, controlled grass trials were conducted from March to October in both 2021 and 2022 using different soils taken from commercial farms, which were subjected to natural weather conditions.

The research revealed that when using PSI®362 on grass, it was possible to reduce Nitrogen (N) application by 25% without a significant loss in yield compared to a conventional 100% N system.

The research also showed an increase in Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) under a 75% N with PSI®362 co-application fertilisation regime, and a significant increase in crude protein content compared to the 100% N fertilisation controls.

The reduced N application led to reduced N loss through nitrate leachate and nitrous oxide to the atmosphere, thus decreasing the environmental footprint of the pasture system

The study concluded that PSI®362 “improved the crude protein output per hectare and had a positive impact on the overall NUE. This highlights its potential to contribute to modern farming practices, as improving the NUE is one of the cornertstones of sustainable agriculture, essential to meet the quality and quantity of food production needed to support the global population growth”.

Noting that the increased availability and application of nitrogenous fertilisers “is no longer tenable, given the deleterious effects on the environment and overall biodiversity”, the report adds that “the challenge remains to incorporate these technologies into mainstream agronomy”.

“This research convincingly demonstrated the potential of an engineered biostimulant, that can easily be incorporated into conventional agronomic practice in pasture-based systems, to maintain crop yields while reducing N inputs, thus benefitting the environment.”

Target Fertilisers is also committed to providing high-quality fertiliser for farmers and growers who are producing a variety of crops in the tillage sector.

Target’s goal is to help customers achieve their target yields while delivering high-quality outputs. And thanks to its dust-free granules, farmers can be assured of a clean, accurate application.

When applying fertiliser to tillage crops, Target Fertilisers recommends tray testing each product in the field to ensure an accurate spread pattern across a farmer’s tramline width.Tractor and spreader spreading fertiliser.

It is also essential that soil is at its optimum fertility and contains all required nutrients to ensure target crop growth and yield. Target Fertilisers recommends regularly sampling your soil in order to provide the soil with the required nutrients, which in turn maximises crop yield.

Through its technical team which is available to provide advice along with crop-specific recommendations, Target Fertilisers is striving to ensure that farmers will achieve high quality yields come harvest time. type

The Terra Range represents a sustainable fertiliser solution for Irish farmers to maintain yields and stocking rates while also preserving water quality.

As Oranmore farmer Padraic Cummins put it: “The Terra Range fits into our system very well. When you breakdown the performance, it costs the same as regular CAN but with the added benefit of reducing our chemical N while maintaining grass production use and improving water quality in the area, so it’s an obvious choice.”

A practical, cost neutral and easily applied offering, available through your Target Fertiliser stockist, the Terra Range is part of the long-term and sustainable picture which farmers have already acknowledging as a key element of their working future.

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