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The Terra Range, a collaboration between Target Fertilisers and Brandon Bioscience, which has been developed as an alternative to untreated, inorganic nitrogen fertiliser.

Using PSI® Precision Technology, Brandon Bioscience produces the biostimulant PSI®362, derived from the brown seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, which grows exclusively in the north Atlantic Ocean. PSI®362 stimulates the nitrate transponders in the plant which in turn stimulate N uptake and utilisation.

With proven multi-level activity in the plant through absorption, transportation and utilisation, PSI®362 Precision is expertly coated onto fertiliser granules, providing farmers with the solution to apply up to 25% less N on farm while maintaining yields. PSI®362 is approved by DAFM.

A natural product with no harmful residues, PSI®362 increases the assimilation of additional protein and yield in the crop, as successfully demonstrated through grazing trials conducted by Target Fertilisers from May to August 2021.

The trial, which involved the use of two Target products on five farms – the PSI®362-treated TerraN + S and the untreated SuperCAN CCF, revealed a 24.5% reduction in Nitrogen (N) application while using TerraN + S.

With similar growth rates achieved via both products, the trial indicated that by using TerraN + S, N applications can be reduced by up to 25% without compromising yield.

Target Fertilisers also conducted Grass Silage Trials on the same farms in both 2020 and 2021.

In the 2020 grass silage trials, there was no major pre-cut yield difference across the five farms combined at the 1.6 bags/acre of TerraN + S when compared to the 2 bags/acre of SuperCAN CCF. At the lower application rate, the performance of the PSI®362-treated TerraN + S delivered almost the same herbage mass. 

In 2021, fertiliser application averaged 3.2 bags per acre with the grass DM yield on each farm proving similar despite the lower application of N when using the PSI®362-treated TerraCUT + S.

Summarising the findings, Jeremiah Murphy of Target Fertilisers commented: “Over the two years, using both straight Nitrogen and high Nitrogen compounds, our results with the Terra Range have shown similar yields of grass when reducing Nitrogen with the Terra Range by 20%. This presents a wonderful opportunity to meet climate targets in lowering Nitrogen application using the Terra Range, thus benefiting from improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and the additional environmental benefits.”

“It’s amazing how well the Terra Range works,” according to Padraic Cummins of Oranmore, County Galway who, along with son David, was among the group of farmers who participated in Target Fertilisers’ grass silage trials in 2020.

“I can definitely see visual improvements in sward quality, density and colour when I am on treated grass and comparing it with non-treated areas. I can tell when all the N has been used by the growth rate and the colour; that’s not so obvious to us when applying other N fertilisers.”

Padraic, who runs a 280-cow Jersey-cross herd with David, added: “The Terra Range fits into our system very well. When you break down the performance it costs the same as regular CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) but with the added benefit of reducing our chemical N while maintaining grass production use and improving water quality in the area, it’s an obvious choice.

“With the Terra Range, it’s quite remarkable that you can use less N and grow the same amount of grass. It’s a real win-win for the environment and farmers alike.”

Winner of the 2023 FBD Better Farming Award (AgTech Ireland Best Agritech Science Product) and the 2021 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Award, the Terra Range is designed to meet the increasing environmental considerations of Irish farmers and growers.

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