Welcome to Target Fertilisers

Target Fertilisers are proud to be a leading wholesaler of quality grass and tillage fertilisers in Ireland, designed to optimise production to meet the demands of today’s farmers and growers. Our goal is to help customers achieve high yields and quality outputs through our use of fertilisers, while also working with our wholesalers and customers to develop specialist blends to suit specific requirements.

Introducing A Sustainable Fertiliser – Terra Range 


At Target Fertilisers, promoting sustainable fertiliser use is of utmost importance to us. As a result, we have worked with Brandon Bioscience to bring our new Terra Range of fertilisers, treated with the bio stimulant PSI® 362, to the Irish market to complement our goal of making sustainable farming practices the norm.


Autumn Reseeding – timing is everything

Timing is critical when it comes to Autumn reseeding. Planning is of the essence and may prove somewhat more pronounced this year given the drought/near drought conditions experienced throughout the island in late May/early June. Reseeding in Autumn presents more...

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The Nitrates Directive and Ireland’s Derogation

Ireland's Nitrates Directive The drive for more environmentally friendly farm practices has been a central plank of European Union policy for over 30 years. The Nitrates Directive, which was established in 1991, promotes sound farm practice and is designed to ensure...

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Sustainable Vs Regenerative Agriculture

The terms "sustainable agriculture" and "regenerative agriculture" are frequently used, but what do they actually mean and what is the difference? The desire to regenerate, or renew, the productivity and growth capacity of whatever is being restored is the primary...

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