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Richard O’Beirne is running a herd of pedigree Limousins & commercial heifers on 120 acres in Tuam, Co. Galway. For Richard achieving good live weight gain is key.
Target Fertilisers uniquely balanced NPK+S compounds formulated to suit the nutrient status of his soils, secures high quality fodder for his high performing stock.

Improve grassland yield this spring

Grazed grass continues to be the most cost-effective form of animal feed available in Ireland and through maximising its yield and quality, profitability can be optimised. Farmers should aim to have stock grazing for a minimum of 280 days per year

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Urea application to maximise early grass production

2019 was an excellent year for grass production and similar conditions will be favourable for farmers in 2020. January is a key time for planning for early grass growth and Nitrogen (N) will be the driving force of production. The restriction dates under the Nitrate...

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